Cramer: Illegal Immigrants to Blame for Mortage Crisis

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Well said, Excellent post
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  2. Still goes on in parts of the world.
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  3. Illegals do work their asses off. Too bad more Americans don't. If they did, their would be no jobs for the Illegals to get.

    The ones that cut my grass in SoCal only missed one Monday in 8 years. They even came on New Years day.

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  4. It's what made the country great. Whoever wants the dream and figures out how to get here have the drive and desire to make it. Have you noticed the numbers of Vietnamese - American graduates of the military academies? They are the Sons of the people we took off the embassy roof.

    The future will produce people of different colors and features from the immigrants of Europe, but there is no reason to think they will not love and serve the nation like the people that came before.
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  5. why don't you cut it yourself, you lazy bastard..I wish the illegals were eduacted doctors, lawyers , investment bankers etc.then I could get legal advice on Memorial day for $10 an hour...
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  6. MattF


    maybe not illegals, but definitely many Spanish-speaking and the like immigrants got taken advantage of pretty nicely...the article in the San Jose Mercury News on Sunday listed a glaring example...

    Between that and just the sheer ignorance/stupidity of people, they got the loans they couldn't afford...
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  7. quote from MJH:
    How do you say Booyah in spanish?

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  8. The illegals will make their payments as long as somebody didn't SUCKER them into an ARM or interest only loan that they didn't know would increase on them.

    They'll be out there mowing the lawns, shoveling the snow, sweeping the walks, digging the gardens, washing dishes, busing tables, delivering papers, picking the fruit, finding junk worth hauling, etc, because there are so many people to lazy to do it for themselves.

    The only complaint I have is that we didn't have a system to let them in legally in the first place. The quota is a disaster because it doesn't let anywhere near enough people in legally. There are many good honest people still waiting.

    I was never illegal, but did those things to make money too, because that's what my parent taught me, and they never GAVE me money. It no longer matters. I'm a citizen now, and I've earned what I have.

    My house is long since paid for. Paid it off 13 yrs early. Is yours?
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  9. I love my cheap labor...I am white, and I have a degree from Northwestern. I am captain big time.. It is nice that my wife and I can pursue, super cool careers in (fill in the blank), while Maria and Lupe raise our children, and Juan and Jose fix my stuff. To kill a Mockingbird is so cool..I am like a 21st century version of Atticus Finch.
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  10. For the right price you can get the same service from a legal American, but you chose to break the law to save money. You my friend are a criminal.
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