cramer hyping BBI

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    hahahahah, says the stock is a buy.....

    say goodbye to BBI and NFLX.....

    those days are over.....

    companies will be bankrupt when movies on demand takes over set-top boxes. Its happening right now...say goodbye to BBI and NFLX and say hello to

    Why wait for a movie by mail when with a few clicks of a remote control or a few mouse clicks can get you a movie. Right now there is a limited amount of titles but within 5 years im sure with the touch of a button you will have access to tens of thousands of titles for one monthly subscription rate.
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    Whats that BBI, gross margins dropping, brick and mortars not doing well....of course they arent and they will continue to suffer.....

    If BBI was smart they would shut down every retail store they have running at this moment, it doesnt pay to keep supporting this type of business. BBI will end up bankrupt sooner or later, NFLX will follow as well, No need to rent movies online when you can order them from a set-top box right from your own living room..

    BBI and NFLX will probably disappear in 5 years.

    Investment in Blockbuster's rental service, Total Access, contributed to the growing losses. First-quarter gross margin decreased 4.8 percentage points, to 51.7%, from 56.5% a year ago, because the company was forced to purchase more rental offerings for its retail stores for Total Access subscribers. The program allows subscribers to get new rentals from brick-and-mortar stores as well as by mail, in contrast to the by-mail-only service provided by competitor Netflix (nasdaq: NFLX - news - people ).

    Last month, online rental service Netflix also provided disappointing results. Shares dropped by 8.5% after the company missed estimates and posted disappointing subscriber numbers.