Cramer, Hedge funds, & Mass Media Market Manipulation

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    Wall street confidential.
    Cramers take,,,behind the scenes. Hedge fund strategies.
    "who cares about the fundamentals"
    "its just fiction, and fiction and fiction"
    "hit the brokers and sell it down, and then leak it to the press, and then get it in CNBC"
    "get the pisani's of the world, ,,,call the journal, get the dumb research reporter,,
    "call pisani and create an image that there is a large put buyer"

    I thought the video was interesting. Market manipulation mechanics explained.
    How many times have you watched CNBC when your hear pisani saying,,there is a large buyer for XXX stock, blah blah blah.
    Put maria b on TV with a fed chairman in front of the SP pit, and release some news about what bernanke said to her at a party about the feds real hawkish stance, and then watch ym drop 50 pts in 8min,,,,"wow, it certainly has gotten loud behind us,"}&siteid=google

    I use to have a video of it when it happened, it was great to watch the pits roar.

    The last 3 days we get a classic setup on the SP with a 10:30 reversal.(this time its down)

    I remember seeing an online video where cramer talks about shorting the stocks he pumps up 2-3 days later. E-Z money. If you read confessions of a street addict he talks about some of the same things he did, and how his wife was the real trader. Anyway, lets get the discussion rolling.
  2. Thanks for posting this, john.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Cramer list a series of things that would be illegal to do, and then state that he has done them, would do them again, and that many hedge fund managers do them?

    1) Lying about talking to companies when he really hasn't (e.g. a company has locked up a new contract or is introducing a new product).

    2) Contacting reporters to spread the lie to them.

    3) Contacting trading desks and spreading the lie to them.

    4) 'Fomenting' negative or positive news and trading on the 'foment.'

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    I found the CNBC video from May 1st. (saved in my bookmarks, one of my favorite CNBC moments this year.)

    How often do you see Maria giving news during the mid-day with a fed banker in front of the S&P pits????????

    Dow tanks 50+pts in 6min off of Maria's news, the S&P pits roar and maria turns around and says "it sure has gotten loud behind us" :D

    You may need to use internet explorer, mozilla may not play it.
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    ken__0 should rename it.
    Cramers tutorial on market manipulation.
  6. i`m surprised he actually fesses up to those that did`nt can you imagine what he is`nt saying!

    i`ve never seen a tv personality crave as much attention as he does & am sure it`s his ego that interfered with his trading,something his wife could`nt teach him.......not to mention you just can`t shut him the hell up no matter who`s interviwing him.
  7. Ive considered a class action suit against cnbc and the individual reporters under the RICO act......understanding truth has no place in ZOG courts I may pull the trigger nonetheless.
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    then it's the myth that market react to the news instantly it seem take a while from the time she mentioned the conversation until the time the SP ticker started to turn red.
  9. no........."they" were pre-positioned to buy down.....dude, do I need to draw you a map?....ah forget it......the unread and unwashed, the willfully ignorant, or the guardians of the tired but not undone.
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    I would love to go back to that day and see the front month options volume and open interest an hour before the annoucement.

    Next time I'm watching CNBC and see a reporter like Maria in front of the SP pits then I should pay more attention of a potential market moving news event.


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