Cramer harrassing guests...

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  1. How does CNBC allow that he criticizes people so blatantly for being wrong?
  2. Santelli got him upset by calling him out on his stupidity.
  3. makes people too defensive to criticize him for everything wrong about him..
  4. what did santilli say to cramer that got him upset?
  5. jsmooth


    Cramer's probably just pissed because Rick Santelli called him out this morning
  6. Santelli is the ONLY guy that doesn't really bullshit much on CNBC.

    It was great to see him tell the truth and piss off Cramer.

    Didn't Cramer say the F-word that got censored in reaction to Santelli??? :D
  7. Called him out on being a perma bull.
  8. They should start calling him the Great Santelli.

    He always calls the suits on their Bullshite.
  9. Santelli is the only good thing CNBC has

    I could not believe he got into it with Cramer on air.

    I believe it was along the lines of...

    "Oh come on Jim, you were calling for a bull run in stocks 6 or 7 months ago"

    and it was in absolute disgust - in a way I have never seen Santelli speak.
  10. Anybody got a YOUTUBE link? Thanks.
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