Cramer Greenberg Gradient

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  1. To be sure this gets the attention it deserves, I'm putting it here. If you want to know about, Cramer, Greenberg, and how it worked:

    The 'Reporters Frontrun " thread is still a good place to go, But with all the Cramer stuff, I want this to be seen. You can see how this is going right back to the SEC like a burning gunpowder fuse in a bad Western.
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    Amazing how this conspiracy of crooks has lingered for so long. I certainly hope the federal authorities are taking names and cleaning handcuffs.
  3. It's a shame that we had to have a market meltdown for the "authorities" to finally police existing laws. A lot of it was probably disbelief that it could happen. It was so easy for the chorus of "If they were good companies, the shorts would not be able to kill them, etc, etc...". As always, one size does not fit all.

    Some companies were crap and were shorted and sold to oblivion, but some companies were not bad. They were just plain lied about and gang tackled by these scum.
  4. My next door neighbor is a witch. What would happen if , I went next door, capped her, then, went thru her stuff and went, "Ah HA!!!!"

    See, it doesn't matter. That's what laws are for. You can't have a hedgefund manager saying, "I pick this stock, it sucks," then, pulling in lawyers, reporters, etc and killing the equity.

    As Patrick says, "what don't you get about , "illegal"? "