Cramer for SEC Chairman

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    Cramer for SEC Chairman

    Cramer submitted his humble request to the President-elect to make him SEC chairman. If appointed, Cramer would make the following reforms.

    Investigate bear raiders. Cramer would look for evidence of wrongdoing that brought down Lehman Brothers and other financial institutions.

    Reinstate the Uptick Rule which made short sellers wait until a stock first ticked up in price. When Chris Cox repealed the law, stock prices became more volatile.

    Get Rid of Overleveraged Exchange-Traded Funds like double or triple short ETFs that make the bearish pressure on a stock artificially intense. Also, these tend to be ordered at the last minute and create the huge late-day declines we've been seeing lately.

    Watch for Market Manipulation that makes major stocks like Exxon (XOM) trade like a penny stock. One way is to examine the activity of aforementioned ETFs.

    Demand Transparency. Cramer said he was surprised that AIG's (AIG) and Citigroup's (C) balance sheets did not show signs of problems that led to a government bailout. He wants companies to give a clear accounting of their financials.

    Cramer said Christopher Cox is an "ideological fool and announced, "I'm ready for the job. Let's make the change."
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    "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer offered Obama a novel option for turning around the US economy: making Jim Cramer his next SEC Chairman. Cramer, insisting it wasn't his "usual megalomania talking," said that Obama would be smart to give him the job.
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    Mr. Cramer, you got my vote if I can vote for it.

    Chair the Cramer, Save the Market!

    I just cannot imagine how orderly the market will be if we got insider like Cramer to steer the SEC. He will catch all those cons.
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    A few quotes that I thought as very insightful:

    I think Cramer is the best candidate for SEC chairman. Why wont Barack Obama do
    it? I think most of the investing public thinks he would make this market safe
    to invest in again and bring fairness to the system. I voted for Obama. Whos
    his #1 pick for SEC chairman?

    I agree that Cramer would be great in the Obama administration, alongside Sheila
    Bair. They both believe in unconstitutional printing of money and doing
    bailouts, spending money like drunken sailors, reacting to a 'do something, even
    if it's irresponsible and breeds moral hazard' public and private sector, and
    devaluation of the dollar, with future inflation and higher interest rates as a
    result. Talk about a perfect marriage made in heaven!
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    Market needs Cramer, at least he honest about the market abuses that goes on in wall street.

    stop abusing Mr. Market.

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    Nothing wrong there.
    He's no less incompetent than the next guy in line.
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    If your Mr. Cramer were became SEX chairman then what make you think that our stock_trader cannot become the Treasorry or Feed chairman.
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    Oh Cramer, the guy who said things were HORRIBLE at 14,000? LOL. The guy who went on a rant so the FED would cut rates, in an attempt to save his buddies jobs at companies like Bear Stearns and now the rest of the country suffers? Problem was to much money in the system over the years, creating easy lending, so him and Bernanke's solution.... throw more money at it!? lol.

    The guy who keeps saying we need rate cuts. Now were out of rate cuts, nothing more to throw at the current decline, and well the DOW is still going DOWN?

    Yes please pick Cramer, so we can all bottom pick as just about EVERY stock heads under $10.
  9. Though Cramer once sent me an email suggesting I "take a pill" (that was after my saying he was ONE BIG JERK), I'd vote for him as SEC chairman.

    At least he understands the playing field and where the abuses lie....

    America NEEDS officials, regulators, and legislators who feel motivated to "do the right thing"... rather than pander to the cocksuckers who appointed them so that they can line their own pockets...

  10. Ain't that the truth. He's done most of them!
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