Cramer flip flop again.

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  1. Here's some Cramer humor for today
    Last Wednesday (SPX 1405, NDX 1815):

    "I keep telling you, this market isn't going to let you in. You could pick something that's down today and bet it will be up next week." (Mind you, he was telling people to buy stocks up $1 or $4.)

    Yesterday (SPX 1381, NDX 1780):
    "I believe it is still too early to shop. This is just day two of the decline and that means there could be more ahead and better chances to buy back the same stocks you like. "
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    weee cramerbashorama

    Buy yesterday's reversal!!!

    It's always cheerleading or another told ya so the next day. That's why he's never wrong and why fortune telling is always a boom. Wasn't his rationale for this rally the momo players? or was it momo investors? Hmmmm. :p
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    what a joke...
  4. yes..but think of all the commission business he generates..
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    nobody is right 100% of the time, he has large knowledge of the markets and gives ideas and lots of little facts you may not thinkabout fundamentally


    this is a guy who doesn't believe in technical analysis he only looks at fundamentals well you can't trade a stock in the short term on fundamentals because all the daytraders are looking at technicals. also does anybody notice that his charitable trust is always profitable we should find out who makes the picks for it. its probably a broker at goldman sachs or maybe its the chimp who has a better track record than cramer!!!
  7. Has anyone done any research on what the return would be by fading each and every one of his calls?
  8. Cramer is a pumper...when he speaks pay attention to the stocks he pumps...lots of retail orders can game this and pick off the public.
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    He's pointed out a few stocks that I've made money on: PD, LVS, MA, and others. Some stocks have not moved much at all: BHP being one of them. I think you have to weigh the information and then do your own research. The ultimate choice is yours. It does seem that there is a "pump effect" when he supports a stock.

    Happy trading.....
  10. He didnt discover any of the stocks you named. He simply jumped on stocks that were obviously on the move up.

    When all those stocks you mentioned started trading down, all of a sudden he stopped mentioning them. Then when they starte trading up, he took all the credit.

    Its obvious he is trying to take credit for momos.
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