Cramer fires back

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  1. Cramer has horible timing and contradicts himself a lot.

    When ever there is a big sellof he advocates rotating out of the growth stocks like RIMM and AAPL and into more durable resisliant stocks, but soon after the market rebounds huge and the growth stocks are leading once again and the shit he recommends is underperforming as usual.
  2. On Cramer's "stop trading" segment on friday, he said that we would have a huge rally into the close. Within 5 minutes, the market topped and absolutely tanked into the close.

    Yesterday Cramer said it was time to "get defensive" and sell RIMM, GOOG, AAPL, BIDU. They're all up huge today.

    The guy is an absolute disaster....almost as bad as ET's ultimate fade, Stock777.
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    only reason he's still on the air, he's a harvard grad
    people on air and running cbnc are mostly harvard/ivy school grads
    they stick together like dogsh*t on the bottom of your shoe
  4. He said he doesn't trust today's rally. Time to go long.
  5. Yeah right...

    "Believe it or not, my advice on 'Mad Money' is for investors who are looking for stocks that will work over the next 12 to 18 months."
  6. I remember on Krudlow where he savaged LizAnne Sonders, who defended herself rather well pointing out her time horizon vs his (short term) at the time.

    The guy is a bully who bullshits his way thru most all. The sad part is, he has much in the way of Street smarts that could benefit . I'm talking about macro relatiionships. When he gets his dick in the way, he opens himself up for failure and ridicule. It will never change. Hair will not grow on wood.
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    Cramer used to have a radio show on out here in so cal on KNX 1070. I used to listen to it when I got a chance. But I don't listen for his stock tips, I listen because I like the guy. He's a fireball of enthusiasm, and he loves the market, just like me.

    But you guys are right, many if not most of his stock picks are a disaster. And he's not being completely candid when he says he doesn't expect people to blindly follow his stock tips, I've heard him tell callers on his radio show to buy certain stocks many times. I remember him telling a college kid to buy JDSU a couple of years ago. I hope the kid didn't listen.
  8. Cramer says to sell the high momentum stocks AFTER the market has tanked. Thats the best time to buy them, not sell them. What a tard.
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