Cramer Finally made sense

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  1. If you can catch Jim Cramer tonight on Mad Money he drops the biggest information for traders that if you don't understand the rally maybe after the show you will.

    Jim finally lets the cat out of the Bag about hedge fund buying at the year's end. If you can catch it please do ...

    Its Buy or die if your fund is not buying the investors will not pay you for holding thei money.

    They have to buy- Check it out. The anatomy of the bull market.
  2. There is a reason why Cramer never makes any sense and thats because he was not a trader at the Cramer-Berkowitz fund. Cramer was the "front man" for the fund.

    Every business in the world has two types of people. You have the guys in the office who are the charasmatic types that sell. Then there are the guys that actually do the work in the back. Cramer was the charasmatic front-man for the fund. Berkowitz (and later Harrison) did all the trading.

    Actually, the stocks that Cramer did trade in the fund were losers as outlined at that minyanville website.

    Cramer is not a trader, but a weirdly charasmatic bi-polar showman that everyone strangely seems to like.

    He left the fund because he was basically fired and just said it was because of family reasons to make things look good.
  3. No I didn't. No, I never will.

    You people, I don't get you guys. Why the f- do you people watch ANYTHING that has to do with mkt opinion? Are you traders or are you lemmings? Do you think for yourselves or do you need to hear what someone else thinks to validate what you see?

    As a person who has traded full time for over a decade, I can't for the life of me understand why anybody continues to watch opinions on the mkt. It's like watching the same stupid fucks over and over again get duped by so called "experts".

    The market..EVERYDAY...offers great profit opportunities. You just have to listen to it and take the trades at the appropriate time. Thats all, rinse and repeat.

    Sorry to vent but it's like watching a car wreck over and over and over again knowing that the driver is drunk and can hardly stand yet continues to get in the car and drive.

    Learn people, just learn!

  4. S2007S


    "Hedge Funds have to buy", this reminds me of the theory of "all that cash waiting to jump in from the sidelines"

    I have heard this a million times about chasing performance, that many hedge funds weren't in for the last 50% of the rally and now all the sudden since 2009 is coming to a close they have to show and chase performance.

    These are worthless theories, sounds like to me they expect a melt up into the end of 2009 because of all the hedge funds chasing the new bull market higher and stupid bulls with cash on the sidelines ready to put it to work.....


    I laugh at this nonsense.

    Its all worthless.
  5. Listen and learn Novice- With nearly 20 years experience in the market 17 licensed and 3 off grid let me explain it for you. As a trader you trade against the common investor taking advantage of the momentum in the middle of the trades. A trader doesn't capture the top or the bottom we trade the volatility. So when a person like Cramer who represents the general market gives away the secrets that traders know then you have to adjust the game plan.

    Watch barrons this week and you see an article saying the same thing. Yes the average investor is a lemming but as a trader you are a fox in the hen house. At least I am. How can you attack without knowing your enemy. This board is for elitetraders who come to share knowledge to other traders. So if you don't think that an explanation of Jim Cramer with over 1 million viewers telling them that hedge funds have to buy then you sir are an_______. ( I will let you fill in the blank).

    I trade to make money this is not a game of make me feel good. Take the information and use it to trade with or against thats what we do at Elite Trader.
  6. JC is an entertainer, like Liberace, or Michael Jackson or the stripper in the corner bar

    You are better off asking the stripper for financial advice, because if she gives you some, she will at least stick her tits in your face at the same time

    and she will only cost you 20 bucks (as long as you dont take her advice)
  7. Tou che-
  8. Re: hedge funds have to buy

    That is also assuming the market either stays around here or moves higher going into year end. We get back to where the S&P is up 5% or less on the year - or heaven forbid for all the bullies negative - all the performance chasers are going to go to the wayside...
  9. Agreed.
    This people behave as someone with personal vendetta against Cramer.
    I don't understand this. You should absorb any information that helps your trading... you never stop to learn.
    I am not ashamed to admit, I learned few things from Cramer, as I did from many others.
    Why the fck not?
  10. Wtf are you talking about grandpa, I day trade the ES. I don't trade off of what you or your neighbor or Joe Schmoe America is talking about, I'm trading highly repeatable patterns that occur on a daily basis and have nothing to do with your water cooler CNBC bullshit banter. 12+ yrs full time, I ain't a novice pal.

    What are you talking about when you say "enemy"? Trading isn't warfare and there are no enemies. Your goal is to be partnered with the mkts fluid movements and hopping aboard whenever you see opportunity and hopping off when you deem the the trade to be over.

    Man, some of you folks are nuts. 20 yrs in the biz and you are watching Cramer and talking about enemies....LAUGHABLE! :p

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