cramer finally capitulated.

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  1. cramer finally capitulated this morning. in the past he was a reliable fade when he paniced. the only problem clouding the signal is that he is still long in his aa portfolio.

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  2. Why not fade him? (long term, only fools believe they may catch the exact bottom, short term.
  3. Cramer needs to go. If all the idiots who took his advice last year are broke why does he still have an audience? Who the **** still has money to thorw down the drain for his worthless picks & horrible market timing?
  4. havent you heard? he is the most brilliant mind on wall street per cnbc commercial.
  5. Sounds like you are talking about yourself!
  6. l2tradr


    Replace "Cramer" with "stocktrad3r" and you're looking in the mirror...moron.
  7. wait a minute ! YOU ARE CRAMER !!!!!
  8. Wow, CRAMER IS POSTING ON ET!!! Stock_Trad3r unmasked!!!
  9. Its crazy out there... Its so crazy that the crazy tv hosts are heading for the hills.

    Thats why I know its time to buy in three weeks. If you know your resistance levels then you know how agressively to trade.

    I am defending Cramer and I think he is right for the next 45 days. But I think in April when the Tax collector starts collecting the tax after april 15 we are gonna see a IRS witch hunt. They want their money. All those short sellers have to pay the piper.

    Bush had it right Follow the money.

    Long Live Cramer.... If he wasn't so nuts then they wouldn't think I was sane.... HMM
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