Cramer expects gold to be a big theme in 2010

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  1. Remember, he recommended this precious metal because it both protects against inflation and market volatility and has turned into a growth investment in its own right. Gold prices rose 23% in 2009, and the continued demand should propel them even higher. While Cramer thinks buying bullion, preferably through an exchange-traded fund like SPDR Gold Shares, is the best gold play, he did offer up a few of his other favorite picks.
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    Cramer may be a bit late on this.

    The dollar looks to be firming up and as a result Gold prices should start retreating. I suspect that many funds hedging against inflation may start tapering off their positions as this year unfolds.

    The bond markets should also provide a good indication for direction.
  3. Cue the collapse
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    Cramer? Must be a near term high. Might wait for a 15-20+% pull back before investing for the last train out of Pesoville.
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    Oh no, Cramer? I've been long a significant position in IAU since last July. Maybe its time to sell?

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    Yeah I have been hearing from several friends and family wanting to get on the gold train. The last time I heard from them was about silver when it cracked $20 in 2008.

    I say that gold may do well in 2010, but don't expect it to be any less volatile (percentage wise) then the stock market. Also don't expect it to be a good hedge against inflation since the gold price is already 70% above the rate of inflation.
  7. What? Are you using the official CPI numbers?

    Gold is actually lagging real inflation.
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  9. If the dow decides to make a 2nd leg down, then gold will rally higher.
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