Cramer/Erin burnett didnt even mention his JS appearance

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    after talking it up before his appearance how cramer was gonna stand tall etc.
    Then Friday comes and jackass burnett nor cramer dont even mention his catastrophic appearance.
    Anybody see that bimbo burnett on bill maher the week before stating that the chocolate chip cookie was invented in the great depression and how the same thing could happen this time round?It was unbeleivably stupid and bill maher let that pass...He doesnt know much about wall st i guess but he should have raked that burnett cheerleader over the coals...She is utterly the most spineless wall st cheerleader.She is the antithesis of journalism.A real shrinking violet whos never had the nut to ask a tough question.
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    She is good-looking, glib, reads a Teleprompter well. She should be doing entertainment. As an alleged financial journalist, she is a complete suck ass for Wall Street, total -- she makes Santelli seem like a socialist. (Santelli, whom I may disagree with to a degree, at least has a brain and knows his way around the bond market.) I saw Erin defending bail out bonuses on Meet the Press a few weeks ago and she was complete idiot. Total. Only someone who knew nothing about the situation would believe her. I can see why she washed out at GS and went into TV. Hard to believe she went to Williams, though. They usually aren't that dumb. Maybe she was an affirmative action class or something.

    Bottom line is, though, most of America is stupid; they actually believe what these flacks-posing-as journalists say.

    CNBC's silence on the Cramer fiasco is deafening, and quite telling.
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    she is what has gone wrong and is wrong with news today and jon stewart is what news should be like-skeptical and confrontational when necessary.Even tho jon stewart is a comedian he probably pulled off the most probing,no punches pulled interview in american media in the last 30yrs?Sad but true.Kind of tells you how sad the state of journalism is today.I have not seen brokaw,williams,jennings, what have you ever pull off an interview like that.And they had plenty of opportunity in their 20yr+ careers as network anchors.A bunch of shrinking violets.

    This country wouldnt be in the trouble its in if real,uncomfortable questions were asked.Instead everybody is afraid to rock the boat.

    cnbc is to wall st what entertainement tonight is to hollywood.A promotional vehicle which delivers a glossy package from wall st and is punctuated by revenue generating ads for the network-kind of redundant since the the show content is an ad or infomercial in itself.A perfectly symbiotic relationship.
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    Dude, it's not news! It's entertainment! The talent is paid in the mid-six figures, and they ain't gonna get that kind of money doing anything else. They do what they are told. If they told Erin Burnett to do commercials. Guess what? She would hold up a tube of KY or whatever and shill -- with a smile. You think she would quit? Over journalism? LOL.
  5. Only one guy stands tall on CNBC and that's Rick Santelli. It's unfortunate that JS chose his untimely remark, which was apparently taken out of context, to blow the entire lid off the CNBC shenanigan.
  6. Stands tall???

    More like cowering in a hole somewhere.

    The guy chickened out of appearing.

    At the time people said CNBC stopped him, but we now know that was not the case.. Sure it was the smart thing to do as JS would probably have got the better of him. But if he had put up a decent fight rather than just give up like cramer did then you might have a point.

    Cramer made a bad career move, but atleast he had the balls to do it.
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    Listen, the rep is that RIck is indeed the smartest guy, or one of the smartest guys at CNBC; granted, that's like being the world's tallest midget. But he does know bonds.

    He screwed up with his rant but not INCLUDING the Wall Street bail outs which, I believe he also opposes.

    Thus he sounded like he was pro-Wall Street bail out and anti-Homeowner bail out. He is against both and it would have served him better to have said this.

    Bailouts for everyone or bail outs for no one, is his position, I believe. Works for me.
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  9. On the contrary, I think Rick Santelli did the right thing by cancelling his appearance. He didn't want to become the poster child for CNBC. He's the only genuine dissenter of TARP from the beginning with a good reason. Just because CNBC was ran by a bunch of idiots, ya shouldn't blindly lump everyone in the same incredible edifice of stupidity.
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    Never ever ever fight with a professional comic.

    So, a smart guy made a smart move.

    And an egomaniacal guy made an egomaniacal move.

    Need I name names?
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