Cramer: EBAY to 40

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  1. gaj


    his hedge fund was quite successful when he was there.

    that doesn't mean he's done well trading SINCE then - his action alerts portfolio at best tracks the averages, and his mad money calls are the equivalent of a monkey throwing at a dartboard, esp. since he doesn't use stops - but his hedge fund performance was fine.
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  2. S2007S


    cramer was joking when he said 40.

    reminds me of when he said GM was going to 40. hahah
    #12     Dec 14, 2006
  3. Didn't Cramer say to avoid AMD 3 days ago? Where is AMD going now? SKY HIGH!
    #13     Dec 14, 2006
  4. Quote from Rearden Metal:

    Right, we keep them living in fear of the prohibition enforcement goons instead.

    While the AIDS situation here is obviously much better than many places, we do have the <b>world's highest incarceration rate</b>.

    whoa there! a lot of honest hardworking folk depend on those high incarceration rates for a living :)

    Lots of people suckling on the "war on drugs" teat.
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  5. Buy prison stocks!!!

    Growth industry, baby!!!!!

    Eagle, Rearden, S2000, TS, VictorS and many, many others - I'd like to buy you all a beer sometime, kick back and just talk.

    Seriously. We should have an ET meet and greet sometime.
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  6. anyone else notice this stock's recent momentum all started with Cramers STOP TRADING mention of EBAY?
    #16     Dec 16, 2006
  7. Yeah, I think it helped. Hopefully it can break 34. It was around there back on 11/15/06. Technically, it's stayed above it's 50 EMA and MACD had a positive crossover and is above zero, all good things.
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  8. the rich DO get richer

    and the poor also get richer

    if you doubt that, feel free to compare the standard of living of the bottom income quintile NOW vs. 30, 50,100 or 150 years ago

    our system grows wealth
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  9. When the BIG BEAR finally comes, Cramer's show will be off the air very quickly. He's been just riding a very lucky wave of liquidity for the past 18 months.
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  10. never read anything about his hedge fund failing. Can you post where you read that?
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