Cramer: EBAY to 40

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  1. That's 25% upside. What's he smoking?
  2. I hope he is right, I bought some this morning. This stock met my swing trading profile of 3-5 down days with rising dynamic momentum off the low. I'm only playing it half to 35 and balance to 39.
  3. Bad news. Its most likely heading back to 22 dollars in the next 6 months and here is why.

    It had its chance to bust through 33 dollars which is the 52 week moving average and it just did not have enough steam.

    Now that it seems the Fed will probably not cut rates until 2008 (they may even raise them) and then there is the question of recession 2007. Ebay will go back to 22 dollars. At 22 dollars, then you can load up the truck.

    Back up the truck on the puts. 7 times p/s, 44 p/e and in a year where everyone is telling you to get into large cap value. Come on. 22 bucks is where this thing should trade. Not 40. No way.
  4. Well, we all know that 22 looks like a good level for Ebay, but if it hits that I would probaly want to short the sheet out of it if it breaks. No? I mean, come on, we all know that ebay is still overpriced. No?

    An as far as the recession: Wall Street is giving out record bonuses this year, many firms even surpassing the bonus era. They are now hiring at a frantic pace. So would that indicate a top?

    Yup. Good call.
  5. In December of 2005, "Asswipe" Cramer said GM was going to declare bankruptcy in 2006. Then, in November of 2006 after GM was BY FAR the biggest gainer in the Dow, Cramer turned bullish on GM and said it was going to 40 (it was at 36 when he made the call....less than one month later, GM is at 29.50).

    Cramer is a f*cking c*cksucker. I hope the SEC gets hold of him and he gets dragged away in handcuffs.

    F Cramer.
  6. Man, I am so glad you said that. I thought I was the only one who thougt this guy was a freakin douchbag. No wonder his hedge fund failed. I guess it doesn't matter what you sya, it's how you say it. Next week, I am going to get really wasted (wine, OK), slur my words and spit all over my friends, and make some CRAZY calls that I have no idea what I'm talking about, but you will think that I will, and I will throw shit and break shit, and I will tell you what to do, and you will listen and thenm you will pay me a lot of money to listen some more. If I am obnoxious enough, maybe even Barbara Walters will talk to me right after George Clooney and Michael Douglas.

    Let's face it. Have you ever seen such BS in your LIFE!!!
  7. I read a lot about Wall Street bonuses, but I read more about lay-offs nationwide and crime spiking. There is a list of companies that have announced big lay-offs. There are many places around the nation where crime has spiked out of control.

    The fact that Wall Street is getting large bonuses this year is only evident of one old and tired saying, "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer."

    For every millionaire in America, there are two men that are in prison and one man who has AIDS. There are another few men who are out on the streets or are living in sub-standard housing. There is an army of poor and small roomful of rich.

  8. I hope the poor don't get poorer. I have invested everything into my co. over the last few years, and now I am poor. I was rich, but I didn't get richer. I got poor. So now I hope I, as a poor man, get rich. Needs to happen.
  9. Nothing different here than in every other country in the world.....well, maybe that here the rich don't keep the poor starving and living in fear of death squads.

    God Bless America.
  10. Right, we keep them living in fear of the prohibition enforcement goons instead.

    While the AIDS situation here is obviously much better than many places, we do have the <b>world's highest incarceration rate</b>.

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