Cramer curse

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, May 28, 2008.

  1. Even though you're an absolute permabull, and I sometimes rag on you, you're 1000 times the trader that Cramer ever wishes he could be.

    At least the companies you are high on, though sometimes very richly valued, have solid fundamentals and provide things of real demand in the real world.

    You'd embarrass Cramer in a head to head contest every time.
  2. Thats cause I know how stocks work. Making money in the market should be easy which is why you buy the stuff I constantly recommend like CLF EWZ GOOG V MA BIDU and ignore pseudo experts like Cramer or Tim Knight from who make the process needlessly difficult, and give bad/useless advice.
  3. my favorite pick from Cramer is DSL saying they would get bought out at 100 last year, now trading in the 7's
  4. favorite lines:

    "Had the CEO on last week...seemed like a really nice guy"

    "That was an awful quarter..."