cramer commits suicide?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. dsq


    theyre showing a repeat show when the dow was up 290+...god what a stupid move...

    he s gone awol....maybe hes on the linoleum floor with his jack daniels??
  2. Priceless. It was kinda like last night's Deal or No Deal. :D :D
  3. nickdes


    This guy needs to be fired and now.
  4. lol dude at least watch the show for more than 2 min before posting, he is showing how he was wrong. I like how a dow 500 day has sorta trimmed his buy buy buy ego, maybe a good contrarian indicator??? LOL

    he just told a 68 year old grandma her leh preferred's are worth nothing suck for her
  5. wjk


    I don't believe he was intentionally showing he was wrong. When it switched back, he was in mid sentence. Maybe someone in the control room wanted to make a point. It was very telling, though.
  6. dsq


    seemed like a intentional fuck up...they never joke around like that and on a day like today.
  7. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    Cramer didn't do this. He was talking. Someone did this to him and it was great. It was just like when the staff at SNL intentionally switched the songs for the lipsyncing Ashley Simpson. She was a jerk to them and they got her back.
  8. dsq


    kudos to the prankster who did it to they need to do it to kudlow and fast money idiots..
  9. anyone have a video?
  10. its needs to be put on utube for everyone to see
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