Cramer claims bernanke "best central banker we could ask for"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    These stories are getting better by the day, he claims that bernanke and friends are leading the economy to a full-fledged recovery....

    wow do we need some serious help if he believes 0% rates and monopoly money are the ways to lead our economy out of this crisis.

    Cramer: Praise Bernanke, Buy These Stocks
    Published: Monday, 16 Nov 2009 | 9:23 PM ET
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    By: Tom Brennan

    “Bernanke’s the best central banker we could ever ask for,” Cramer said of the Federal Reserve chairman during Monday’s Mad Money.

    Uncle Ben, as Cramer affectionately calls him, may have been slow to act as the credit crisis unfolded, but he’s since steered the ship back on course, leading us toward a full-fledged recovery.

    Of course, Bernanke never gets his due. Just last week, the bears were predicting he’d flub today’s lunchtime speech and send the markets plummeting lower. The chattering classes said he’d worry publicly about bubbles caused by low interest rates or the dollar’s weakness. They also expected he might announce a turn in the economy and a necessary change in monetary policy, which would hurt the stock market.

    But none of that happened.

    Instead, Bernanke declared that the economy isn’t strong enough to raise rates, Cramer said, and inflationary bubbles like commercial and residential real estate don’t exist right now. The Fed chief knows we need job creation. He knows that boosting rates could push us back into a recession. He knows that China is driving the world economy, not the US. And this much-needed awareness is allowing us to recover.

    “He’s giving us a chance to actually get back to even,” Cramer said.

    This means that investors can buy “pretty much anything,” Cramer said. The transports hit a new high, which indicates an economic rebound. But at the same time the so-called recession stocks – Procter & Gamble [PG 62.23 -0.04 (-0.06%) ], McDonald’s [MCD 63.91 -0.62 (-0.96%) ], Merck [MRK 34.03 0.22 (+0.65%) ] and Kimberly-Clark [KMB 64.86 0.03 (+0.05%) ] – today made the new-high list, as did many of the techs. The oils rallied, too, and the banks showed signs of life. That marks the return of Cramer’s leadership trinity: banks, oils and tech.

    What else is working? Recovery names like Caterpillar CAT 59.43, 3M MMM 78.44, Emerson Electric EMR 42.13, Union Pacific UNP 65.14 and Visa V 79.96. And dividend plays Altria MO 19.24 , Con Ed ED 41.96 , Bristol-Myers Squibb [BMY 24.08 -0.22 (-0.91%) ], Kinder Morgan Energy Partners [KMP 56.7477 and ConocoPhillips COP 53.62, which allow investors to rebuild their savings quicker than low-interest bank accounts.

    The bottom line, though, is that from now on when Bernanke gives a speech, you want to buy stocks ahead of it.

    “As you sure should have last Friday,” Cramer said, “and as you most likely will in the future.”
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    Maybe leading Cramer's portfolio to a recovery after that Bear Stearns call.
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    ffs I'm half wishing someone would assassinate the moron just to put the poor git out of his misery he's really good at faking his belief in this stupid system.
  4. Spoken like a true bear who has missed the rally of a lifetime.

    Have you ever considered what the state of the economy might be in had the Fed not acted? Have you ever wondered why most central banks around the world have been implementing the same policies as the Fed? Forget it's Cramer praising Ben, and consider the facts without the bias. You are not smarter than the Federal Reserve.