Cramer - Canada = investing hot spot

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  1. I like the idea of putting some money in Canada.
    Was wondering as to the timing.
    Good of the crook Cramer to make his call.
    I'll put that idea on the back burner for now.

    Surprisingly, when you enter "jim cramer is a" into google, the suggestion of "cunt" doesn't pop up. No software is without it's flaws I guess...
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    I got 15000 possibilities.
  3. No joke, I just tried this and got three suggestions:

    jim cramer is a fraud
    jim cramer is an idiot
    jim cramer is a douche
  4. I was waiting for the part where he says... I used to work at Goldman... and so did Mark Carney... etc...
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  6. I love how it says about BMO.
    'If it falls for some reason'

    For some reason. Haha
  7. Canada is in a giant bubble with a ridiculously overvalued currency. Cramer jumping on this bubble pretty much means it is about to pop...
  8. Interesting. Why do you say it's overvalued?
  9. I live in Canada, and I also run a business in the manufacturing sector. The high CAD has been killing us all slowly, most people don't notice this stuff, because we have a bloated public sector, kids who stay in school until their late twenties, and government programs that hide the real unemployment levels.

    Did I mention we have a housing bubble and are living off this China bubble too (metals,potash,oil,crops)?

    The CAD is way overvalued and shit will hit the fan with personal debt because it will become impossible to finance as short-term rates go up... Canadian personal debt levels are bad.

    Loads of people will go bankrupt, for example - a friend of mine the other day mentioned how serious he was about declaring bankrupcty, and hes bringing in $60k a year after tax...
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