Cramer calls for the reinstatement of the uptick rule

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sprstpd, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. sprstpd


    On his show, he tells his viewers to write to their congressmen and tell them that the repeal of the uptick rule has damaged their stock holdings.

    He also claims that the repeal of the uptick rule has been a major component in the current market downturn, partially blaming it for taking the Dow from 14,000 to 12,000.

    He is making repealing the uptick rule a goal of his show, sort of like he has "influenced" the Fed cutting rates, getting certain CEOs fired, and trying to get the Sirius/XM merger to go through.

    For me, the repeal of the uptick rule has been a welcome relief. It makes going short almost as easy as going long.

    Therefore, I urge you to write your congressmen and the SEC and tell them that the uptick rule needs to stay abolished, before all the Cramerite letters come flooding through.
  2. liulala


    love u, cramer

    remove uptick rule hurts the market so much!

    i will do what cramer suggested
  3. Jim?

    So the removal of the uptick rule is the cause of the 2000 point drop? LOL.
  4. Lucrum


    So if he tells you to jump off a cliff...?
  5. liulala


    market should be in order

    it will drop much slower and won't have so huge whipsaw intraday
  6. liulala


    he will ask u to jump cliff for sure, and i will help to push u, got that?
  7. sprstpd


    The more shorts there are, the more eventual buyers there will be in the market. Shorts always buffer the large moves.

  8. The whipsaws are great and make this a great trading environment.

    Leave the free markets alone!!!!!!!!
  9. liulala


    Are you out of mind?

    SEC's job is keep the market in order. And volarity is manipulation in most case, and it is SEC's job to reduce the volarity and punish the manpulators.

  10. Well this rule is fair and legal. If the SEC wants to do something, they can deal with naked shorting and FTD's.
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