Cramer calls for Dow 7700 and SP 800

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  1. The clown is feeling the pain.

    ...on the other hand, Rev Shark is finally looking to buy after sidestepping the entire decline.

    Pfft...I know I'm sticking with my buddy Cramer.
  2. Cramer been calling for higher markets for 2 weeks repeatedly and now he acts like he knew all along we were heading lower now on CNBC. He is a tool of the highest level.
  3. Cramer is a fraud, it's the first thing traders should learn
  4. clacy


    cnbc SHOULD be ashamed of his dumb ass spewing garbage to "Joe Sixpack" and watching them lose their shirts.

    He is a fucking idiot, if I've ever seen one. A bull market made this guy think he was a guru.
  5. A fraud?
    No, at all.

    A fool?

    A complete joke?
  6. eagle


    Why should we still give attention to this randomly speaking jerk. We cannot use him as reliable nor as contrary indicator since his markets view is quite random. One day he said that and another day he'll say this.
  7. Like all indicators, use him at the most extreme.
  8. clacy


    You said it. The market rallies one day and this guys says the bottom is in. The next day the market tanks and he hits the panic button.

  9. Unbeleivable...if we have a 5% pop up tomorrow watch him claim he said it would do so and tell everyone to go all in "the bull is charging."

    Oh come if they stop false advertsing why haven't they put a stop to this crap?

    I am sure f someone recorded his day to ramblings hey would find so many inconsistenices they could charge him wtih something.... or at least kick him off air.

    I guess he's funny!
  10. tallpaw


    What are you guys talking about ? Cramer is good in his advice. All you have to do when Cramer makes a call for a stock or index is do the opposite and you will make big money.
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