Cramer call for another 1k points...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Algorithm, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Top may be near.

    AAPL earnings after the bell and MSFT tomorrow along with MMM.

    GDP later this week.

    This market is clearly in the hands of the traders.

    Good Luck, make hay while the sun is shining...... There ain't a cloud in the sky right now.
  2. By the end of summer. Ho hum. All the Crameroids will soon be fried.

    I'm waiting for the ultimate Cramer indicator - he dances around on camera completely nude shouting Dow 20,000 until he has a heart attack.

    That will definitely be the top.
  3. He meant in the futures.
  4. S2007S


    13100+ like I called it a couple of hours ago, its coming, 13500 by mid may 14,000 by summer
  5. And um and what if those earnings are good?

    Even if the earnings are poor the market will shake it off as it has done in the past
  6. Have you got an algorithm that shows that?

    Seriously, some people called 7,000 in 1997 the top. Then, they called 9000 in 1998 the ultimate top.

    These same people rushed to buy at 11,000 probably.

    Trying to call tops or bottoms is the job of losers. Just follow the trend.


  7. I fully expect AAPL to have GREAT EARNINGS, MSFT will be good as well.

    MMM probably nothing stellar, but already in that stock.

    I'm a trader, not calling tops or bottoms, just going where the wind takes me...... but as Buffet says, "There's no whistle at the top when it's over" and all the talking heads are getting very bullish.

    Just about right though, Joe Retail hasn't had his head handed to him yet. Got to rip off Main Street USA before it's all done, probably have plenty of room to go from here.

    Trade On!
  8. Every day on this forum, there are dozens of people saying "this is it, this is the top, we're going to crash from here!!!" Every single day for months and yet the market grinds higher.

    Reading and watching the financial news shows you market bigwigs who are "cautious at these levels" and they've been saying that all the way up. There are too many bears for the market to have a substantive correction.
  9. Agree, put/call levels on all major indexes also spiked this week confirming you observations.

    Again, not calling a top, just conversing.

    Trading it for all its worth!