Cramer: Buy on the Dips

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Daal


  2. said the same thing last fall. how did that
    work out? his sidekick who actually got it right last fall said time to sell. who you going to believe. that said the market has a strong bid under it.
  3. FB123


    Cramer is an idiot. I would rather take trading advice from a hamster.
  4. Oil yes, but not the majors. If you choose a "oil Stock" make sure that company is not holding heavy on refineries..

    But to grab Oil futures as they dip, hell yea.

    Nati as well. Nati is very low. Will it return to 12, not sure.

    Energy is the play. Period. Just gota know who and what.

    EFTS, forget it. I got into the largest NATI etf a few months ago..and now they have closed their fund, not taking any more investments and are looking to move offshore. Its the best fund to be in....however.....they closed the doors.
  5. rickf


    Buy on a dip .... when the market has gone parabolic for 3 months straight and is grossly overbought? Riiiiiight.

    ...but then again, Cramer prolly sees this as the dawn of a new bull market, and that's reason enough to BUYBUYBUY.

    *shakes head*
  6. Jym


    The thing that annoys me most about Cramer is that he knows the market and how it works probably better than any of us on this site.

    I can handle some of the other CNBC people pumping up the market since they're just reading a teleprompter and dont know any better....Cramer knows he's bullshitting his audience.
  7. This guy is a fade. Bulls should be very worried.
  8. Lethn


    You don't need to worry about people taking Cramer seriously anymore, Jon Stewart already made a complete fool out of him and he isn't even an economist!
  9. Jon Stewart made the low in March.