Cramer burning out and comtemplating retiring?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by makloda, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. volente_00


    So in simple words you are blowing about as much smoke out of your ass as cramer does ?
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  2. Cramer made his money pre-Reg FD. When that loophole was closed, he quit. Smart move, imo. The game was up, and he knew it.

    I would be surprised if he quit his CNBC job. From what I can tell about the guy, he is your run-of-the-mill narcissist ("Look at me! Look at me!") and needs the attention. Without it, it would kill him.
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  3. it`s not my job to enlighten anyone of anything.....but i know what i know.

    actually the question was to you & remains to you..........are you still under the illusion that he`s a good trader?
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  4. All this "Cramer is a bad trader", "He was wrong on stock XYZ", "He was all pre-Reg FD" etc. etc. Yes all this is true.

    But what's also true is that this guy started with $0 and ended with $50m. Gotta respect the facts. My hat is off to him (and to anybody else with that track record!), even if he's a complete nut case and egomaniac.
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    He married Linda.
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  6. gnome


    Heard he was divorced now. Maybe you could try chatting up his ex?
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    Who are you talking about? Paul McCartney? :confused:
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    Where do I ever say he is a good trader ?

    The point is you don't have to be a good trader when you are a powerful salesman.

    I pay zero attention to his stock picks but I did pick up one of my best trading edges that I still use today from him nearly 10 years ago when he wrote for
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  9. There are pros with millions to billions of AUM watching his show everyday and using his picks??????????

    Please tell me which pros so investors can withdraw money.
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  10. Mak....his picks are irrelevant & have nothing to do with what i`m reffering to here......nor does the fact that he`s an egomaniac.

    he did`nt start with $0......& no,one does`nt have to respect him because he ended up with some money.
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