Cramer burning out and comtemplating retiring?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by makloda, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. poyayan


    Bottomline, listen to Cramer on the idea behind each buy or sell. Then, if you agree with him, you have to FIND YOUR OWN ENTRY POINT. Sometimes, that entry point never come.

    Main street is buying on the next day he recommend something. Also, each buy has an exit condition which he doesn't stress enough.

    I give him credit for teaching a lot of stuff, but people have no concept to do their own risk analysis will get burned and it is not Cramer's fault.
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  2. MarkBrown


    I AGREE! most people have no clue and the ones who do will not tell cause their in on it too. mb
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  3. Cramer = money for me. Keep the man on for the next 25 years or so.
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  4. I am going to interpret and translate what I believe Cramers was saying

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  5. Any hear anything about the next book? Most people retire after 30+ years of working. I don't think he is going anywhere.

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  6. Got the link to this on his blog?
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  7. Cramer seems pretty intelligent to me. Anyone who listens to what he says and blindly trades off it without proper risk management is a fool. He can't be as stupid as you guys make him out to be because way too much money follows him... way more money than can be explained by retail pikers or even by dumb institutions.

    He makes good points, people are just stupid in their expectations of him. I think short of having a time machine or publicly giving out insider information, Cramer's picks will never satisfy the ET Cramer bashing mob.

    For the record, I used to hate the man, until I started really watching the show and understanding his mind...

    I am a little biased because I like trading the stocks he moves in AH.
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  8. None of these boob tube stock touts talk about money management or position sizing.

    Maybe they're worried about a securities violation. Who knows.

    But they are hugely screwing over their naive audience.
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  9. volente_00


    enlighten me, from what I've heard he was a better salesman than trader. Sure he is obnoxious and annoying but building 100 mil net worth is no easy task.
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  10. MarkBrown


    he can't tell you anymore than i can tell you then we would loose our edge... and possibly a tactic we might one day have to use if we don't already.. good and confused now? great!
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