Cramer bulllish on KBR

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Daal, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Bought half of my position on this VIX 50+ spike. will buy more tomorrow probably. margin of safety here is just too damn high
  4. report updated 10/5/08 rates it as a D+, and a SELL. I thought he works for them, are his views often different from theirs?
  5. we are extremely bullish on KBR, also.

    balance sheet just knocks your hat off!

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    Added second part on this rally. Now all the management need to do is to buyback stock and shareholders can make a killing. if obama wins and takes them out I'm sure the management will find ways to make money
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    KBR scapes the stock carnage untouched. the smart money is snapping this stock every time it drops to $14
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    Chesapeake Hasn't Peaked - Cramer's Lightning Round (6/24/08)

    Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Tuesday June 24.

    Bullish calls:
    Chesapeake Energy (CHK): “I'd buy 25 tomorrow, and then I'd buy 25 for every point down, using a wide scale. Aubrey McClennan runs CHK. It's terrific..”
    Alcoa (AA): “You've got to buy more AA. The Chinese are now importing aluminum. This stock has come down as part of an overall profit taking...”


    These picks worked out well! Not!!!!

    On June 25, CHK opened at 65. AA opened at 37.

    CHK is now 16.5. AA is now 11.25.

    That said, you have to give him credit. It's not easy to pick stocks that lose over 70% of their value in 3.5 months.
  9. "Interesting pick by cramer. company is mostly cash and no debt. I dont think he is wrong on this one"
    Good luck with KBR Daal. Cramer could possibly be the biggest moron on cnbc though there is a lot of competition.
    I remember him saying that LEH was a screaming buy at $16 just before it plummeted into bankruptcy. He is the best reverse indicator in the industry.
    But as they say -" the exception proves the rule" and surely he's got to get something right eventually. With any luck it might just be KBR...
  10. Yes I remember that one. He cracked me up though, but it did pump LEH :D

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