Cramer Bullish On Iyr

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by S2007S, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. S2007S


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    2:16 in to the video he goes into say how the tax codes have changed making it better for CRE.

    Said he recommends IYR.

    This is after the fact its up 100%+ in only 6 months.

    I guess all this talk about commercial real estate falling apart is just a complete hoax, guess there isn't any more worries, its only about $3 Trillion worth of bad loans over the next 2 years. Continue to buy REITS and anything related to commercial real estate, these stocks are going to soar.

  2. Lethn


    It's a complete lie that you can predict anything remotely close to a free market accurately.
  3. drcha


    This is just another example of markets recovering prior to recovery of fundamentals.

    The market is always ahead of the game.

    Right now the TV is full of people saying the stock market should not be going up because there are no jobs, more foreclosures to come, and now the beginning of commercial vacancies and foreclosures.

    The market is a leading indicator. I don't understand why people who manage other people's money for a living don't know this simple fact.

    I was fortunate enough to buy a little bit of IYR in July. But I stand ready to exit any time it falters. (A chart is worth a thousand Cramers):)
  4. ipatent


    Cramer is a crook.
  5. I have not seen many many Cramer threads on ET lately.

    And to offer the convicted lying insider trader crook Marthy Stewart's favorite expression with a shift in verb tense, THAT HAS BEEN A GOOD THING.