Cramer / BSC / The FED

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ZBEAR, Mar 18, 2008.

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  2. Don Harold is a moron! If someone losses everything becasue they are stupid enought to have everything they owned in ONE stock, they deserve it !!!

    It has nothing to do with Cramer. You are a moron if you put all your money in one equity.
  3. The trouble with all criticism is that it is hindsight vision a la Don Harold. Where was his prediction BEFOREHAND that Bear Stearns share price would hurtle down to virtually zero? And the next thing is, what exactly is it you would have done differentlly? Also would it have been better and would that better thing have any credibility?

    Now of course a lot of criticism is just that. Criticism only. Sure will all do some of that or lot of it. But does the critic each time have a full and detailed alternative plan, or if one, anything that is credible?
  4. In addition, you do not see anyone complaining when the advise they follow is a great winner !...

    You are a hypocrite if you are complaining and cannot say:

    "Cramer sucks, his bad advise made me 1000% profit !. "