Cramer Brings Down Merck

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  1. Go Cramer!!!!!!!!
  2. I think it was the court ruling that did that. :)
  3. Cramer's commentary did seem to hit the nail on the head..... the bid was pretty solid after the initial whoosh. Even the "haters" have to give him some props with his thought process on this one.

    I'm not saying he took it down....sellers did that, he wasn't selling but his analysis seemed dead on, hard to watch it trade and not think his analysis knocked it down a bit more than it otherwise would have been (on monday).

  4. Merck Simply Can't Be Owned

    By James J. Cramer Columnist
    8/19/2005 3:22 PM EDT
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    We could be at the very beginning of hundreds of headlines like this for Merck, and the stock's not down that much here.
    There's no way it's a takeover candidate now, and no way to know if the yield is safe.
    That $29 is a gift to the sellers, a gift that wouldn't happen if it weren't for expiration and August.
  5. yes but all the major support levels seemed to break after Cramer came on
  6. Ah... I see. I just thought you might have missed that news or something. Cheers.
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    Normally Cramer influences stocks for a day ,at least that's my observation after watching his show for about two months during may and june. After that most stocks just stay without moving a lot.A notable exception is Google..However JPM is the example of a stock going nowhere..
  8. MRK really made my week:D
    Trading the right stock makes trading soo much easier...think BIDU MRK TMTA HAR


    nice job chewy!
  10. Yep, that guy with the funny glasses outside the courthouse.

    The CEO will destroy what's left with that decision to defend each case - unless the board replaces him and sues for peace - which I'll bet they're thinking about.

    Now what do the accountants do? Does the company have any value at 4k cases? 14K? 40,000?

    I thought it was funny when some analyst spouted the potential of their human papiloma vaccine and rest of pipeline and Cramer or somone said "It better." :p

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