Cramer book club? Oprah stock picking?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blast19, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. blast19


    Anyone else see the Oprah book equation happening to Cramer stock picking? Sometimes it seems like he picks stocks ripe for shorting because they're way way overvalued.

    Oprah had a big problem with the Oprah Book Club because people would specifically avoid buying books in "The Oprah Book Club" on the basis that they were probably sappy crappy house-wife dim and 8th grade level reading.

    Something about most of Cramer's picks make me never want to buy them and instead wait for the hyperbole to calm and then short them as his stench of pumping exits along with his followers.

    Anyone else feel the same way?

    LAMR and BIDU two recent crap plays that might run more on hype...but are fundamentally jokes and shouldn't really be touted to the masses probably.
  2. You mean all those people thanking Cramer for making them millions with his picks aren't for real?

  3. If Oprah starts picking stocks then we know that a MAJOR market top is near!!
  4. blast19


    Uh....they made millions off of his picks or his pumps? I say pumps.

    Making money in the markets is easy...finding underpriced or overpriced stocks is easy....having a voice to pump one makes a huge difference.

    I think they made money off of pumps...stocks often correct, but with a loudmouth pumper like that pushing them....well...