Cramer blames DAKT not himself

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hitman4gk, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. LOL he is one of those self-hating analysts :p
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  2. Cramer is loosing a lot of steam now that Fast Money is on five nights a week. They are much better, since you can get four different opinions (Dylan is just a figurehead) on each stock. The code names are silly, but at least they are honest (well, as honest as a trader can be). It is only a matter of time until Cramer's show is canceled. Maybe he'll go back to that other loon, Kudlow. He is often more times wrong than he is right. Even the gents at Fast Money tell you not to go in right before earnings. I wonder if his ratings have started to go down by now?
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  3. the guy Dillon is an idiot..i really like the guy eric bolling...very nice giy and admits when he is wrong..same thing with that Adami guy..much better show...
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  4. Its Dylan, and he's just the host, not a trader. He has a small chip on his sholder, but I still like him.
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  5. Have you read the disclamer before Cramer's show? His picks are for entertainment purpose only.
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  6. I just don't get why all the women like Jeff Macke...

    I never knew bald and burly was such an attractive trait.

    damn... melissa francis is hosting.. she's my least favorite.
    i like that erin whatever her name is.. (the one who cramer talks to mid day)...
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  7. There was a woman who used the webcam to hit on Dylan on the show the other day.
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  8. So is that way Dylan took a few days off? :eek: :p
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