Cramer blames DAKT not himself

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  1. he soad DAKT burned him..LOL...he made the damn pick friday and told his viewers to buy into earnings/before the report..what kind of idiot tells people to buy before earnings.!!! i can see buying a few days or weeks before earnings and selling right before the report.but never hold into earnings,.,you may hit it big a few times but overall,you will get crushed...this guy Cramer blames the company..who else is he gonna blame,the ny yankee's for gods sakes..thats why he never should have said to buy into earnings..his show should be on once a week instead of every day and giving a stock pick every day..its one thing to give day trade picks every morning before the bell as i do but this guy is an idiot..plain and simple!@
  2. cramer has been crushing people with buy before earnings calls for years.
  3. I seriously think this forum desperately needs a Jim Cramer board.

    I'm not kidding.
  4. also,that boohya shit is so ridiculous...too bad there are no good stock shows on..
  5. NTRI. Said two weeks ago it's run was over. How's that for a call?

    The market is not kind to pretenders.
  6. Like lambs to the slaughter.
  7. The first real correction we have = the end of his show.

    Can you imagine what a sustained 10% to 20% correction will do to the portfolios of the type of people that actually call his show?
  8. clacy


    Exactly. Not as easy when your in a bear market.
  9. It's amazing that he can get away with this shit.
    anyone who listens is obviously a moron, but seriously, if Cramer wasn't buddy buddy with Spitzer I think we'd see some sort of investigation or restrictions.

    but i guess in some sad way it's a good thing. it creates markets and fade opportunities.
  10. Well it's like American Idol. It's not about singing ability or Cramer's calls. It's about ratings, and if it's not Cramer, what's going to stop some other guy coming on cnbc giving out stock tips?.
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