Cramer belieaves Goldman Sacks has a secreat loss

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  1. Is cramer right, does goldman have an enron situation on its hand?
  2. They have a ton of stuff they have refused to price by shoving it into their level 3 asset class. Anything could be in there.
  3. It's possible. Today's Bloomberg says Buffett bid for LEH when we now know they were hundreds of millions in the hole.

    Buffett may have missed something here as well.

    How did an 80 year old man complete due diligence on a company this size, in a few short days, when just one of these complicated derivatives contracts can be impenetrable? My guess is GS gave him the value on the derivatives portfolio.

    Buffett bragged that he trusted GS "completely".
  4. ipatent


    Berkshire is broke as well.
  5. Yep, the only ones that aint broke are the illegal immigrants speckling the land.

    Why do you think we let the millions in here? We need their great wealth.

    Lettuce picking pays real good.
  6. Didn't realize Goldman changed its name. LOL.
    Cramer does what??
    What kind of loss again? LOL just having fun.
  7. Where did he say this, on his show?
  8. This whole thing is Enron x 1000. SIV's are about the same thing Enron was doing. Setting up off balance sheet p/l entities etc.

  9. Well, if Buffett is broke or on the way there, it's a samll price to pay to finally get those annoying fag from down-under reptile commercials off the air that he seems to be so fond of.
  10. "Complete trust" is the only 100% sure thing on Wall Street that will not work. Buffett should begin selling.
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