Cramer bashers: got the balls to fade his pick of the wk DKS before tues earnings?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Epiphany, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Here's your chance

    You VS Cramer

    The stock is now trading up to $41 in AH, if you say he is crap, then fade the move now

    Put your money where your mouth is
  2. Why don't you put your mouth where my ass is instead.

    I do say he's crap, barely better than breakeven so far. Why should this "trade" be the defining moment of my opinion of Cramer?
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    I also really don't understand why there are so many cramer basher here. He is definitely a gem, and I know many just like me benefit and make some really money from him.

  4. Very simple, because there is so much confusion about tracking Cramer's picks because he gets in and out, adds or reduces his position without telling anyone. We don't really know his time-frame which makes it virutally impossible to track his performance.

    This is one of the rare occassions where he has gone out on a limb: his time-frame is clear: hold into tomorrow's earnings.
  5. Not true, he told people to buy CAT before earnings also and I'm sure there were others i just can't recall them.
  6. I do recall that incident but if I remember correctly that was about a week before CAT released earnings?

    If the stock then proceeds to run-up after Carmer's statement in the week prior to the earnings release (due to a hodgepodge of variables), CAT beats, and the stock falls due to the growing anticipation, is Cramer at fault? That's tough to answer.

    This case is a lot more clear-cut: DKS releases earnings before the bell tomorrow. So that eliminates a lot of the random variables at work.
  7. He told people to buy CAT no more than 3 days before the report. He also told people to buy BOL the day before it reported.
  8. I enjoy watching him. I think that he is pretty funny but rarely can I watch him more then 2 days in row. I never follow his picks.

    Their was a lot of schuttlebutt years ago when he was on cnbc's morning show that he would let him buddies know what stock they were going to be pumping that morning and they would buy in advance. For those around back then I am sure you remember how cnbc could really affect a stock by mentioning it.

    I have no idea if it was true but I would not be surprised if he gets caught up in some scandal about it this time. He just seems a little out of control.
  9. He has been in several already, old news.
  10. Jim "Free Money" Cramer
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