cramer basher, shame on you

Discussion in 'Trading' started by liulala, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. liulala


    You should blame BSC's CEO, not cramer.

    If you want cramer's cheap advice on TV, pls go for it. You deserve what you get.

    If you are serious about your money, you should get cramer's premium product, action alerts plus. Cramer never recommended anyone to touch BSC.

    This morning cramer sent out an alert to buy a stock unfairly punished by the market, i think most subscribers can make about 10% in just one hour unless you are a monkey.

    But cramer is restricted from buying the stock, as said by cramer

    "Historically, a lot of the underperformance of the portfolio -- when it has underperformed -- has been attributable to the self-imposed trading restrictions that I have. "

    Thanks Cramer
  2. Poor Jim Cramer.

    He's so persecuted. Does he wear a crown of thorns?
  3. axehawk


    And what stock would that be?
  4. Hey Jim, how are you doing? Based on your recommendations I would guess not too well.
  5. He's got all these services for sale. How 'bout:

    "Frontrunning Goldman Alerts".

    Or, "baiting reporters newsletter".

    Any body who trades or runs money honestly, both of you, should be incensed by this asshole touting his past, flaunting his tactics, then touting his record.

    However, I do have to thank him for the "structured products" video. That was the one where he said, "what happens if it blows up. And I said, who cares. Look at what they are paying us to sell it.

    The folks at the State of Florida liked that one. Boo Yah. You need to get that one and send it to your State Legislators - the ones scratching their heads going, "what the fuck happened"???? That vid sums it up.

    Remember, he who dies with the most toys still dies.