Cramer at it again, this time with Solar

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  1. My scanner was going off today because there was a downturn at 3:30 across the entire solar sector. I've been monitoring it looking for pivot points because its been selling off recently.

    Somewhere around 3:30 there was this mysterious volume that came from nowhere that hit all the solars, some more then others. I looked at the PBW and saw heavy volume towards the end of the day. Even FSLR had some selling going on towards the end off day on heavier volume then usual.

    I check all news sources, google specific solar names, call people that I know wondering what hit it, etc. Nothing no news.

    Check the price of oil, nope, its up for the day.

    Wait. I check the IWM and saw that it suddenly swung down towards the end of the day. Said to myself that must be it. Russell 2000 swung down and it must of hit all the solars with it.

    Then I turn on the television an hour later to see Cramer yelling to sell all solars. Come on, this cant be for real.
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    Maybe Cramer penned a piece on RealMoney today going negative on solars? Was there any indication that he had turned bearish? If not, then somebody must be getting paid real nice on the Cramer set for the info leaks.

    I cannot believe how much he moves stocks. That alone makes me think this market is out of control. I hate him with a passion.
  3. I think its time to give solar stocks a rest. No one of them are very good.
  4. You know what absolutely amazes me? People in Florida are buying generators, many run on natural gas, some on regular gas, to power your entire home in the event of a hurricane. First of all, you can't hump enough gasoline to fuel the generator. And if you use natural gas, it's still ridiculously expensive, and the generators are like ten grand and up. Permits, etc.

    For 14 or so, you can get solar panels to provide between 50 and 90 percent of your needs ALL THE TIME (or so the ads say), and it would provide a lot of your power needs in the event of total outage. Yet, nobody talks about it. Amazing. The sunshine in Florida makes solar a no brainer, but you never see it, or hear about it. Must be they don't pay the right politicians.
  5. Cramer is as worthless as empty tube of toothpaste.
  6. you must admit.. that man gots power - what he talks people listen. He brought all of the solars down during afterhours - Jaso, solf, tsl , etc.. I'm pissed because I had puts on JASO and got out of it today - I knew I should have waited until tomorrow.
  7. The feeling is mutual my friend. F'n hate that guy. He has cost me big time this year.
  8. I bet the guy never traded at his HF. He just set the trade up on TV for his traders to jump in.
  9. There REALLY needs to be an SEC investigation into is leaks. Something is just not right.
  10. D@mn - Just 2 wks ago he was bullish on FSLR. I sold June puts on it to ride the Cramer wave that usually lasts a few weeks. Right or wrong, he moves stocks and you can use that short term.

    Do any of you think it's time to start selling calls on FSLR, etc?
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