Cramer at Harvard...

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  1. Look at these retarded kids asking how much % of their portfolio should be speculative.

    Funniest show ever.
  2. did you hear cramer encourage them to risk their tuition money in stocks? how risky. risk you education on a stock and its probably borrowed money too.
  3. CONR


    Please. Most of them are there on Daddy's dime.
  4. He said, he used Law School student loans to make more money and paid the loans for his tuition.

    Not the brightest thing to do...
  5. I cant believe people watch this show, cramer needs to visit the pharmacy. Im definitely not intimidated by pedigree having seen those kids tonight.
  6. i know parents who have hocked everything they own to put their kids into a top school and that idiot cramer encourages them to buy some pumped up stock with the money.
  7. wow.. who knew Cramer was a commie
  8. well if they short what he recommends then they could make enough to put their own kids through school
  9. I feel sorry for the parents who have to dish out over 100k per kid!

  10. Well, don't feel too sorry for them. They get all that and more back in return.
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