CRAMER announces BOTTOM,market TANKS

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dsq, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. dsq


    AT 1pm on cnbc asswipe cramer says a bottom is forming.Market quickly fades to negative.HAHAHA!
    Cramer is the ultimate fade/contrarian indicator.And he is almost always dead wrong within 5 mins of him opening his big fat stupid mouth.
  2. OMG! Jim Cramer is Stock_Trad3r.
  3. The market is soaring from its lows. stock_trad3r was off by several minutes, that is all.
  4. cramer was completely discredited, by 2001, if not earleir

    why do people still discuss him?
  5. Lordy, lordy.

    You now have a Hindenburg Omen that I would bet money on that takes the market down another steep, sudden leg.

    Look for 650 soon on the S&P.

    All thanks to Crame's counter-predictive powers.

    Crames FTW!!!!!!
  6. wjk


    "CRAMER announces BOTTOM"

    What, again?:D

    Sooner or later he will be right.
  7. How in the hell is anyone still listening to him? If people were to trade based off his impulses of the last year they would be in debt up to their eye balls.

    Cramer is like a egomaniac market crack pot.
  8. sprstpd


    He called the bottom and said to take out any money that you will need in 5 years. It sure is easy to be right when you can go both ways without any penalties.
  9. Cramer is the ultimate fade.

    Seriously. Money in the BANK.

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