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  1. Will he ever stop whining about the "dumb seller" in this name? I understand the company burned him, but instead of doing the rational thing, blaming the CEO who is one of the all time options hogs and the board, he blames sellers who "don't know how to move a big piece of merchandise." Then he names Fido and a couple other funds. Apparently Fido lacks the sophistication he and his wife had, back in the day. LOL. They'd just call up their pals at Goldie, I suppose the ones who tipped them off to ratings changes and such, and tell them to buy the damn thing. Now he is indignant that UNH trades heavy every day.

    He also claims it is a serious violation of street courtesy for a fund to dribble out stock and not just dump the whole block at once. And of course, the fund is supposed to tell the broker exactly what they are doing in advance. Of course, no broker would ever front run such an order or tip off their internal hedge fund. Naah, that would be unethical.
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    I understand one or several of ET posters are following him and looking to take him down
    an good example of his assistance in market stock manipulation was today at 336pm when on cnbc he plugged ATI one of his favourite stocks..
    he started plugging it in Nov of last year and you will notice that Goldman is one of the major shareholders..??
    He recently stated don't get greedy..pigs etc...
    now when the stock is at its all time high he suggests a buy...?

    He obviously is making millions..the sad part is it is off the backs of small investors he they trust him
    most of the stocks he suggests within seconds or pre stating jump dollars on a few hundred shares..
    I also noticed he is suggesting a lot more NYSE stocks that have very low volume...he? and the specalists came and do have a pay day...

  3. My favorite Cramer bullshit is HANS. He loved it for 6 months, then out of nowhere on March 10th (on his Mad Money segment) he said "It's time to sell, sell, sell!!!" Needless to say, I was long 5000 at the time and the stock instantly tanked over 4 points.

    Then yesterday on his radio show, he says "I love HANS...I think it goes to 200!!!"

    Wow!! At 105 it was a "sell, sell, sell", less than 8 weeks later, it's a screaming buy at 180!!!

    That guy is a fucking piece of shit scam artist. I am absolutely certain that a year or two from now he will be investigated for all sorts of illegal "activities".
  4. Yeah but nothing will really happen.
    He already bankrupted quite a few people during the Nasdaq bubble & bust with the same tactic. There was a lawsuit and behold, he was on CNBC with Kudlow a year later and now his own crazy show.

    The guy practically admits front running in his own book with zero reprucussions.

    It's Wall Street or better yet, it's USA. Look at the current administration, that says enough.
  5. Sadly, you are 100% correct. :(
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    Jim Cramer said:

    2/14/2006 1:53 PM EST
    "Allegheny Technologies (ATI:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) is roaring once again; please, please sell it. "

    2/9/2006 11:10 AM EST
    "Allegheny's Your House of Pain? Make an Exit"

    It was trading between $46-$48 on those days.

    Today, as the above poster pointed out, on CNBC's air he proclaimed it as his stock pick of the year. It was trading near $80.
  7. And where would you be today if you fell for Cramer's bs and bought it at 180? Looks like +14 to me.
  8. Looks like + 3 to me. :D
  9. Any professional fund traders or sales traders at banks who could comment on Cramer's rant that an institution should show its whole hand to the broker when moving a big piece? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but WTF do I know.
  10. cramer used to make his money by getting "calls" with that kind of information. now he is shut out and thinks its unfair. the word hypocrite comes to mind.
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