cramer and dykstra, perfect together.

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  2. get that list of dickstra's subs, and put them all out of their misery.

    the human genome would instantly be improved 50%
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    tesla guy on cnbc.

    cnbc reporter says something like "what do you think about people like jim cramer who think it's not a good investment?"

    his response? close to:

    "well, we're not bear stearns. that was one of his picks, bear stearns. he's a contrary indicator"

  4. Damn. Missed that. Too true!
  5. Crap, I missed that too. Anyone with a link to it? Last time someone went after that assclown Cramer, Erin went ballistic on them. I laughed my rear off at the further confirmation of what a farce he is and CNBC for putting him. Business channel? No entertainment channel.
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