cramer actually says something I believe.......

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  1. He had to get all the guilt off of his chest all at one time.

    Well done.
  2. So, Cramer says that the same financials he was pumping earlier in 07 are now culpable of outright fraud, along with bond insurers, and that the SEC is asleep at the wheel.

    I agree with him. Good thing I wasn't buying those companies at the top.
  3. This is one of the few times I've heard him say something that makes perfect sense.

    ....I think we are into the capitulation phase of the market now...
  4. thank you, cramer. the way they were talking about you here, I thought I was going to have to remove that picture of us from that website.
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    Tried to download the video a million times.
    Can't see shit.

    Is it available anywhere else?
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    the communists or the terrorists?
    that was pretty funny
  7. His "solution" to the problem, you know, govt guarantees 50c on the dollar, blah, blah, got this response from a high ranking politician:

    "Right. And they walk with all the money, and we bail them out. Not going to happen." :D

    The Rose is off the Bloom, or some such shit. They left the politicians holding the bag on this one, and they are n't very happy.

    Hey, Chuckie! That's what the money was for.
  8. "They've written off the bad parts. What they don't realize is that the good parts are bad too."

    Had me laughing ...
  9. The real problem of being this close to all this, is you really realize, I know you think you know, but you realize what a house of cards this is.
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