Cramer a real two-faced jerk?

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  1. Anyone saw him lost his temper over the microphone guy at the beginning of the Stop Trading segment? He almost wanted to kill him on the spot for failing to fix his microphone. He just went nuts over something as mundane as a microphone. The next second he played up to his usual "nice guy" image on TV. What a class act. I think it gives a lot of credibility to this book:

  2. Still waiting for either a perp walk or a heart attack on his show.
  3. I bet he treats the backstage people like dirt.
  4. ...would be a great poll. How does it end?

    perp walk

    heart attack

    looney bin

    wine and roses

    Zwieg, Weinstein and Lynch were heroes of the eighties. They seemed to respect Mr. Market, took their winnings and disappeared. The rest, I dunno. O'Neil is a winner, low key and respected. This guy, he's got bad news all over him.
  5. Couldn't we add big huge ugly account blow out... ?



    HAVE STOP <img src=""> WILL TRADE
  6. Read the book myself, very entertaining. While I obviously don't know how accurate the details in the book are, when comparing it with Cramer's diary of a Street Addict, I could definitely see him coming unglued about about every little thing. Seems like every chapter in Trading with the Enemy included Cramer throwing a monitor. Good stuff.
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    How 'bout tow faced jagoff? That works for me.
  8. This guy shook me out of my CFC short last week. Mentioned a possible takeover by Merryl. I covered, took my loss only to see it drop 2 points the last 2 sessions. I hate this guy!
  9. if you can stand him, and CNBC, you can game them by finding out who's on in the afternoon, and trying to see what Cramer is going to tout. If you see a hot sector, and the CEO of a company in that sector who just reported earnings is coming on, it's going up.

    Problem is, I hate those guys so much, I can't bear to watch them, even for the dough. Ask yourself what they really talk about that can make you money? You're better off watching the tape, and listening to some relaxing music or something.

    Did you see the Squawk Box thing, where they sit in the semi circle like those puke morning shows, Fox and Friends, and that crap?
  10. I hear Krambo calls his help little selfish pigs.

    Oh, thats the other guy.
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