cramer 2007 pick(s)

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  1. S2007S


    he is putting (3) 2007 picks on the line...

    1st pick was HAL..

    predicting a 17% jump in the dow to this a joke????
  2. silk


    lets hope Hal does better than NBR did which he pumped all last year.

    He says Hal is cheap. But all those co's are. Many have 6-8 forward PE's. Not sure HAL is any cheaper than the rest.
  3. S2007S


    true, oil also not looking good now, ill wait for a 10% drop across the oil plays before going long....OIH and PXJ.

    2nd pick was GS....ha,
  4. Danulous


    his value plays are #1:MO #2:GS #3:HAL
  5. S2007S


    hes predicting a 17% jump...he is a total bull....i hope many dont think were going straight too 14,000+++
  6. blast19


    Cramer is a flunky. He defended clothing retailers today. What a joke...retail sales way down and with the warm weather overstock of cold weather clothes will be a major issue...Cramer is too busy defending his holdings.
  7. Sure, sure more Cramer bashing. Do give a call when you have amassed anything remotely close to the 100 million + that Cramer has.
  8. You don't know jack about clothing retail. The whole garment business runs about a season ahead. Go to your favorite retailer and try to find any quantity of winter wear. Most of the winter stock gets sold way before winter really gets started.
  9. gaj


    hey max - that doesn't explain why his action alerts portfolio has only matched the market over the last 6 years. or why it underperformed the market last year.

    actually, the posts above for cramer's predictions are right on target. he's no more or less accurate for the long haul than a random dart. however, he IS remarkably uncanny at going ga-ga long at tops, and going ga-ga "sell it all!" at bottoms. those who worked with him knew it, and he admits it in his (great) book, _confessions_...
  10. Danulous


    what does this have to do with his picks. his picks are interesting, and at least he can establish a position and defend it...rather than just going into a trade for no reason or just because the technicals say so....

    his growth plays are #1:NYX #2:AAPL #3:I Forgot.
    Do you disagree with them?...
    #10     Jan 5, 2007