Cramer: 10 Reasons Why Doubters Should Shut Up

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    I guess cramer is telling all the bears including myself to "SHUT UP"....


    Cramer: 10 Reasons Why Doubters Should Shut Up
    Posted By:Tom Brennan

    Shut up.

    From now on that will be Cramer’s answer to anyone pondering the question, is the Nasdaq enjoying a bull-market move or is this just a rally in an otherwise grizzly bearish environment?

    Look at the numbers: The Naz is up 17% year-to-date. That’s the second best six-month start in 10 years, behind 2003’s 23.5% jump, which came just as many people thought the Iraq War was “ending.” The average Nasdaq gain over the past decade from Jan. 1 to June 6? 0.15%.

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    Consider the following 10 Naz components as an indication of how the index is doing:

    Apple [AAPL 142.11 -1.74 (-1.21%) ]: Up 69% so far this year. Today’s iPhone announcements – the price cut on the older model and new features for the latest iteration – show this stock’s growth is very much for real, Cramer said.

    Google [GOOG 435.07 -3.70 (-0.84%) ]: Up 43% so far. The Internet (where Google is the dominant player) is taking over as the place to advertise, overtaking print. This longer-term trend is just one reason why many analysts are expecting a great next quarter. [AMZN 86.96 0.60 (+0.69%) ]: Up 68%. As soon as gas prices hit $4, consumers decided that online shopping was the better option. Hence, the solid quarterly numbers. Amazon took share, Cramer said, and never looked back.

    Research in Motion [RIMM 82.36 0.41 (+0.5%) ]: Up a whopping 102% in 2009, thanks to new products and good sales. Investors might have missed at least part of this run because of last year’s earnings miss, Cramer said, but they jumped back in last quarter, which was better than expected. [BIDU 305.50 1.60 (+0.53%) ]: Cramer called BIDU the most legitimate Chinese play in the Nasdaq, and that country’s on fire right now. No wonder the stock is up 133% this year.

    Cisco Systems [CSCO 19.9804 0.1104 (+0.56%) ]: Up 22%. The never-soft-spoken CEO John Chambers declared that business had bottomed, and the stock took off.

    Adobe Systems [ADBE 29.67 0.50 (+1.71%) ]: Talk about brand equity. People know and love Adobe’s products, and that probably played a role in this stock’s 37% jump, something that was long-awaited after the beating ADBE took.

    Express Scripts [ESRX 63.88 -0.51 (-0.79%) ]: Health care may be hated, thanks to President Obama’s overhaul plans, but Express Scripts is not. Wall Street seems to favor this cost cutter, which accounts for the stock’s 17% gain year-to-date.

    Joy Global [JOYG 41.19 1.38 (+3.47%) ]: Chinese demand for minerals is driving this mining-equipment maker. The US can play catch-up all it wants. Joy Global doesn’t need the American business to thrive – the stock’s up 74% this year.

    Qualcomm [QCOM 45.98 0.61 (+1.34%) ]: Legal settlements and strong 3G and 4G sales have combined to push QCOM 25% higher. Cramer thinks the trend will continue now that cell-phone sales are picking up.

    Sure, you could focus on Oracle [ORCL 21.05 0.18 (+0.86%) ], adding a “mere” 18% this year, Microsoft [MSFT 22.10 0.05 (+0.23%) ] a “disappointing” 13% and Intel [INTC 16.45 0.53 (+3.33%) ] a “messily” 8%. But ignoring these other – huge – moves would be a mistake. Cramer thinks this could be one of the strongest bull markets ever.

    So again, if you’re wondering if this is just a mini-rally smack in the middle of a bear market – shut up.
  2. most are down from some point when cramer was hyping them last year. i guess its all a matter of timing.
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    Its not hard to find tech stocks that were up huge this year, not hard to find tech stocks that are down huge either