Cramer 1/24/08...TMA Preferred "a pure win"

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  1. Cramer 1/24/08-- "The most direct play off this huge change for Fannie Mae that hasn't moved is Thornburg Mortgage... It should be a windfall for them. They move jumbo loans... I like the preferred, Thornburg Mortgage Preferred F (TMA-PF)... Try to buy it under $25... a pure win".

    Cramer 1/25/08-- On Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE)...
    "I just think that they're not investable... I didn't like them on this news yesterday... Anything that makes them stick their necks out more than they have is not a great thing for them... I think this is better for Thornburg Mortgage (TMA)... not for FNM and FRE... I just think this is great for Thornburg... I like the Thornburg Mortgage Preferred F (TMA-PF)."

    Cramer 2/28/08-- On Thornburg Mortgage Preferred F (TMA-PF)...
    "I'm sitting there reading (Treasury Secretary) Paulson, saying that the market will take care of itself... Thornburg is the market! Well, the preferred (TMA-PF) I still like... Larry (Goldstone, CEO of TMA) is the market. He's a great lender who doesn't lend to no-documentation people, who does a lot of work, who gets a margin call today. He's the guy who should have been in front of congress today, explaining to Bernanke the way the market really works... not the way it works at a Princeton dining club, but the way it works for people who need $600-700,000. Larry's in the mix. He's the most honest guy in the business. He's been dead right every time he's come on your show. That's who congress should listen to! The market's not taking care of itself... I love (Sam) Zell, but Larry's closer to the situation."



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  2. He only mentions his good picks and never the bad ones on TV. So he never made that call in a sense. :D
  3. I was just coming over to ET to post that this moron was touting TMA many times the last few months on cnbc.

    Oh happy day I am short TMA....along with a bunch of other housing stocks and financials.
  4. dsq


    has anybody ever thought of suing cramer and cnbc for his classic hype and pump garbage?He should be cooked by the sec and cnbc has an obligation not to expose people to bad financial information and the hyping of it.Cramer is the worst ever.
  5. Sue him for what? He told you not to follow his "picks" blindly in the disclaimer that comes up ever 30 secs.