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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nitro, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. nitro


    I am looking for a used kindle DX 3G. I live in "Chicago", but why can't I search the entire country for a kindle? Some things are logically organized geographically, but some things it doesn't matter.

    Craigslist should add an option that the search be statewide, nationwide, and global. I know I can probably write a program to crawl CL, but geesys I shouldn't have to write a program every time I want to do something simple :(

    I wonder if I can use Google to be my search engine into CL?
  2. newwurldmn


    why not just use Ebay?

    I think Ebay own majority of Craigslist now anyway and perhaps Ebay wants to keep it local.
  3. nitro


    I thought about that, but I guess the whole auction thing is not what I am looking for in this case. Still, good idea...
  4. Cotton


    Benefit of ebay is that you can pay with Paypal which offers buyers protections against fraud, etc (flipside, sellers get screwed alot).

    Benefit of craigslist? pay for things in cash, MAYBE get product mailed to you (if looking in different locale) or get mugged going to pick up item at sellers "address".

    Ebay sounds like the much better alternative. Just avoid ANYTHING from China as odds are it is just a rip-off copy.

  5. Nitro, you can try for to buy or barter.
  6. r-in


    I've done Craigslist a couple of times, and I set the meeting to buy in the parking lot of the local police station. I also have only done cash deals, no checks to worry about. I'd do the same even if it was a big item. If I thought about bringing someone to my house, I'd stay outside to avoid any scoping by the buyer. I'd probably grab a gun from my Dad and have it strapped on to be seen.
    Ain't it great to have such faith in our fellow man. lol
  7. nitro


  8. Aaaa, sorry Nitro, you want the big screen. Maybe you can go to the kindleboards to barter. You have so many books, so maybe you can trade books for what you want? :)
  9. Epic


    Surprised that nobody has linked these yet...

    Searchtempest is IMO much better than Allofcraigs. That isn't to say that it is perfect, but it is by far the most intuitive CL search site.
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