CraigsList Ad: Day Traders Wanted For New Game Show

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  1. jsmooth


    Anyone happen to see this (Posted on the NYC Craigs List):

    Day Traders Wanted For New Game Show
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    Date: 2006-07-10, 3:42PM EDT

    Major Television Production Company is producing a new Wall Street-themed game show for a national cable network. We are looking for 4 day traders to participate in the first rehearsal episode as contestants. If you do well, we will ask you back for the real show.

    Wanted: Men or women, age 20s-50s, who are outspoken and love the thrill.

    This will take one full day, the last week of July. Transporation, food, and a small stipend will be provided.

    It will be a fun experience and a chance to be a apart of the television process!

    To apply, please email with the following info:
    Describe your personality in one sentence.
    How would your co-workers describe you?
    How long have you been a day trader?
    Also email a picture of yourself

    Thank you. We will be in touch

    ....i figured someone on ET might find this interesting
  2. Yeah, my friend sent it to me. Funny.
  3. MONACO11


    Sounds like the IRS and the SEC are joining forces with the NSA to catalog the Day Trader set...

    Everyone! make sure you wear your dark sunglasses and refrain from talking on Bluetooth devices, this is WAR....LOL

    Will it ever cease? :D