Craig James is a BITCH!!

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  1. His mouth gets the Tex Tech coach first suspended and then fired.

    Then on tonight's broadcast he talks about how much class the coach has and how much respect he has for him and the program....

    Football is for men, I hope his kid turns gay.
  2. This is all bulshit. Guys like Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi must be rolling over in their graves.
  3. Some of the stuff Leach did was pretty funny actually. Sort of the same mindset as that Sherriff in Arizona who makes his prisoners wear pink underwear.

    Here is a post from a board I go to a lot.

    Interesting read regarding the James situation from a former player MTAQ 24/7/365 2009-12-30 14:55:28
    who is now a doctor and lives in Tn.

    James is speaking because he is using his ace card--the media.

    That is the entire gameplan and it is why James went to the admin without going to the coach. He knows that the admin will be afraid of losing games on ABC/ESPN, never having GameDay come again, etc etc.

    Leach did not fail an internal review, that is bullshit. He got his lawyer involved because the normal course of events would last longer than until Saturday's game.

    Leach isn't speaking to the press directly and that is very smart. Anything he says or doesn't say could be used aginst him in some future lawsuit. This is a guy making 2.7 M per year and that's plenty of reasonto be cautious.

    The "shed" is 15 feet by 30 feet and has long been a place where players hung out, especially on hot days. I don't know what Dec 17/18 weather was like in Lubbock, but it is usually mild and pleasant.

    Thsi is not a case of Leach saying"I hate fucking concussion-claiming pussies". This is a case of a long time malingering kid who claimed that he had a doctor tell him that he needed sunglasses--sunglasses are against team rules as a routine matter--he didn't have a note saying that he needed them. Since he couldn't practice, the ususal action is to go tot he sandpit and do what you can do--jog, run, bike, lift weights. if you are sick with the flu, you have to watch film. Everybody practices in some way somehow. james was trying to get out of anything at all and had been a dick about it to every one of his coaches. Leach sent him to a 15 by 30 foot shed--a covered garage, and he was found sleeping. thsi wasn't the dya of th concussion. Thsi wasn't the day after. The kid had been going to class, driving, going out with friends, etc. he was sleeping because he was being lazy--not some trumped up fake neurologic syndrome. he stayed there for the duration of football practice--as has been a decade long policy for injured players.

    The next practice Leach put him indoors--in an air-conditioned room used for interviews and media. It is not an electrical closet. It had room enough for an exercise bike, ice and water supplies and a TV/VCR. I have seen the room in question. It is in a newly remodeled stadium and it is a clean, windowless room. My estimate is that it is about 8 x 12 feet, but it has painted walls and all-purpose carpeting. James was given special consideartion since he stated he was unable to stay with the team for practice. The stadium room is about 100 yards from the practice field and facilities.

    He was never locked into anything. he was assigned a place to be. Using words like confined and closet and playing thinsg up like Leach was blatantly disregarding the health of poor boy is 100% emotional bullshit.

    I think Leach ends up leaving over this and he will have a hard time finding a job because of trumped up public perception. Damn shame and every other coach ought to watch his damn back, especially if he is tough disciplinarian.

    Winningest coach in school history. Never missed a bowl game. Beats teams with much greater talent and resources. Virtually no criminal problems in a decade (zero Fulmer Cup points ever). Players led the conference in graduation rate 8 of his ten years there.

    If he leaves, they'll never see another penny from me and I will resign from the alumni office I hold.