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  1. D'Souza has been schooled innumerable times. He fully admitted to the crime.

    That is another straightforward political use if the pardon. They are adding up. The obvious purpose seem to be his usual antagonism and gaslighting.
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  2. I always had a good deal of respect for Mr. Hitchens. His arguments for the position he held were typically solid, and you have to admire a man who maintains the courage of his convictions when facing the end. I must confess myself still in the camp that believes in things mystical and supernatural, to a degree. There are just a couple things which have occurred in my life for which I have no logical explanation. Doesn't mean there isn't one, just not one that makes any sense to me. The whole heaven and hell, rewards and punishment belief has always seemed absurd to me, and while the something from nothing argument for creation has holes in it, the God created the earth in a week is more than a little tough to buy. At any rate, Hitchens was always a good read and listen. I would wish him to RIP, but he'd probably say, as if there's an alternative.
  3. wow, thats quite an honest admission, few and far b/w these days esp from a conserv maybe there is hope for us chimps keep that up you'll be voting a little more left you know pro-humanity :)
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