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    I've been trading Crude mini's on the ICE exchange for 3 months now. I've been using support and resistance lines to guage my entry and exit points.

    Does anyone know how to watch the "Crack spread" on a practical basis for scalping the crude mini's?
  2. ICE has a mini? U mean WTI?
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    I meant Crude Oil futures on ICE...not the mini's.
  4. Usually you want gasoline and heat to move in the same direction as crude regardless of the pace.

    For example today, Gas didnt move as crude keeps making new highs. It kind of give u a clue we are not on a strong trend day.
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    Not sure about your question.... In my experience crude moves faster than products so the crack spread is not really going to help you scalp crude...
  6. the crak spread is refered to either a HU-CL or HO+2HU - 3 CL spread, check it out at wikipedia:

    anyway I am looking forward into trading the same strategy, but the only place I can seem to find HU and RB real time quotes is either the Bloomber Terminal or Reuter's Kobra wich are way more expencive than the common trading plattaforms, any idea where can I subscribe to get these quotes ?

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    iqfeed DTN

    Crack spreads are a basic function in the DTN ProphetX Energy edition.

    In a the build in Spread Display:

    In Charts (This shows a Daily and 5 minute stacked):
    [​IMG] for a trial or more information.
  8. Hi Who is a good broker, for the purpose of trading crack Spreads? Any leads would be appreciated.
  9. i love it when becky quick talks about the crack spread...
  10. Does anybody know where to get info on the required margins for the crack spread ? I searched the Nymex url but could only find outright margins...

    Thanks !
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