Crack Pipe, IDs, And Badge Found In Hunter Biden Rental Car

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  2. Not a peep of this in the MSM
    Meanwhile Trump’s kids are slandered and attacked daily
  3. Lots of people know now that he was kicked out of the navy reserves for testing positive for cocaine.

    But he got two waivers to get in. One for age. He was 43. the cut-off is 40.

    And then he had to also get a waiver......for ......wait....hold on....yup...prior cocaine use.

    Somebody be lookin out for that boy.

    Then within a month of being booted from the navy he was an expert in all sorts of things and on various china and ukraine boards, getting a kazilliion a month. I wonder if his cocaine use went up or down after he started getting big bucks?

    He needs to have more oppo research done on him and I am sure he will get it.
    Prior to Kavanaugh I would say stay out of it. Now I say take him down and wound Biden politically any way you can. Why are their lives any more important than Trump's family or Kavanaughs.???? And when in office the lefties use the state intel to destroy decent Americans. Take them down any way that is legal.
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    key words "rental car"
  5. What's the point?

  6. Our cocaine smuggler president.

    Forget your politics, listen to the facts and check the facts.
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    Maybe he even ran stuff through Mena Arkansas. Still interested?
  8. You can try and make light of it but Donald Trump trafficked cocaine in the 1980s and there seems no doubt of that.
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    You're not interested in Mena then I take it?

    Wasn't it you who said forget your politics?
  10. I don't know you but I feel there is an attempt to blur matters with McConnell's family woes. Donald Trump HIMSELF was involved with trafficked cocaine while he was running casinos. This is beyond political catcalling and maybe too much time has passed for a conviction but it is a stone cold fact.
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